Writer and Creater of Worlds

About the Author


A. V. Herzberg is an incurable bookworm, writer, and animal lover. When she's not working or writing, you can find her riding her horse or daydreaming in a hammock—well, daydreaming about owning a hammock.
She first began her love affair with storytelling as a toddler, when her grandmother would think up fantastically tall tales at bedtime. No storybooks are required when grandma's taking just you on a trip back in time to help George Washington fight the Red Coats.
Her love of story grew as she got older, along with a passion for art. In 2013, Herzberg graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a BFA in graphic design and a minor in creative writing. After a period of doggedly perusing a career in design and letting her writing go by the wayside, the characters in her head had had enough, and vowed to make her go insane if she did not let them out.
And that is just the beginning . . .

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